Mein Onkel vom Mars

Staffel 1

Deutscher TitelOriginal­titel
11Mein Onkel vom Mars (Pilot)My Favorite Martin
22The Matchmakers
33There Is No Cure For The Common Martian
44Russians 'R' In Season
55Man or Amoeba
66The Man on the Couch
77A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine, and Peaches
88The Awful Truth
99Rocket To Mars
1010Raffles No.2
1111The Atom Misers
1212That Little Old Matchmaker, Martin
1313How To Be A Hero Without Really Trying
1414Blood is Thicker Than the Martian
1515Poor Little Rich Cat
1616Rx for Martin
1717Going, Going, Gone
1818Who Am I?
1919Now You See It, Now You Don't
2020My Nephew The Artist
2121Hitchhike to Mars
2222Uncle Martin's Broadcast
2323An Old, Old Friend of the Family
2424Super-Duper Snooper
2525The Sinkable Mrs. Brown
2626Martin and the Eternal Triangle
2727Danger! High Voltage!
2828If You Can't Lick Them
2929Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin
3030How Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?
3131Miss Jekyll and Hyde
3232Who's Got The Power?
3333Oh, My Aching Antenna
3434The Disastro-nauts
3535Shake Well and Don't Use
3636A Nose for News
3737Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth
Staffel 2

381Dreaming Can Make It So
392The Memory Pill
403Three To Make Ready
414Nothing But The Truth
425Dial M for Martin
436Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!
447My Uncle the Folk Singer
458The Great Brain Robbery
469Double Trouble
4710Has Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?
4811Don't Rain on my Parade
4912Night Life of Uncle Martin
5013To Make a Rabbit Stew, First Catch a Martian
5114Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won't You Come Home?
5215The Case of the Missing Sleuth
5316How're Things in Glocca Martin?
5417Geshundheit, Uncle Martin
5518Martin Report #1
5619Uncle Martin and the Identified Flying Object
5720A Martian Fiddles Around
5821Humbug, Mrs. Brown
5922Crash Diet
6023Gone But Not Forgotten
6124Stop or I'll Steam
6225The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It
6326We Love You, Miss Pringle
6427Uncle Baby
6528Once Upon a Martian Mother's Day
6629Uncle Martin's Bedtime Story
6730006 3/4
6831Never Trust a Naked Martian
6932Martin's Favorite Martian
7033The Martian's Fair Hobo
7134A Martian's Sonata in Mrs. B's Flat
7235The Green Eyed Martian
7336El Señor from Mars
7437Time Out for Martin
7537Portrait in Brown
Staffel 3

761Die Reise nach St. Louis IGo West, Young Martian (1)
772Die Reise nach St. Louis IIGo West, Young Martian (2)
783Der blaue Schleier in der WüsteMartin of the Movies
794Die mexikanische HeiratKeep Me From The Church on Time
805Der Onkel ist die TanteI'd Rather Fight Than Switch
816Die GeniepilleTim, The Mastermind
827Eine goldige GeschichteMartin Goldfinger
838Der Flaschengeist im HaremBottled Martin
849Geliebter RäuberHate Me a Little
8510Die Panne mit ZeldaGirl in the Flying Machine
8611Duett für zwei alte PistolenThat Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine
8712Zwei seltsame DamenAvenue "C" Mob
8813Der doppelte TimTim and Tim Again
8914Loralee, der GangsterschreckLorelei Brown vs. Everybody
9015Das Zweieinhalb-Millionen-DingThe O'Hare Cape
9116Der GeheimnisträgerWho's Got A Secret?
9217Tim macht eine ErbschaftHeir Today, Gone Tomorrow
9318Rendezvous im TrödelladenMartin's Revoltin' Development
9419Mit Perücke und KorsettTV or Not TV
9520Bubi kann allesMan from Uncle Martin
9621Gefährliche DüfteMartin the Mannequin
9722Butterball ist wieder daButterball
9823Der Fluch des ZigeunersWhen a Martian Makes his Violin Cry
9924Noch einer vom MarsWhen You Get Back Home to Mars, Are You Going to Get It
10025Wie kommt der Onkel auf den Hund?Doggone Martin
10126Wo ist Mr. Hoppendahl?Virus M for Martin
10227Die DiamantenkisteOur Notorious Landlady
10328Mona Lisa tiefgefrorenMartin Meets his Match
10429Als Onkel Martin ein Rennpferd warHorse and Buggy Martin
10530Der Löwe und die ZeitungsgansStop The Presses, I Want to Get Off
10631Das karierte EichhornMy Nut Cup Runneth Ove
10732Folterabend am MarterpfahlPay The Man The $24


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SF Serienmix:

99 Die Apokalypse droht Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

34 Die Parasiten Outer Limits – Die unbekannte Dimension

49 Ein Riss in der Zeit Farscape

07 T=Mudd² Star Trek: Discovery

57 Star Trek: Enterprise Impulsiv