28 Projekt Medusa Supergirl

It is Thanksgiving, and Kara has invited Alex, Eliza, Winn, James and Mon-El to her home; suddenly, a vortex appears in the middle of the apartment, only to dissolve moments later. Kara, determined to find out whether or not Lena knows about Lillian's work with Cadmus, tries to extort information from her under the guise of an interview; Lena, however, senses the truth and confronts Lillian. Later, Cyborg kills all the patrons of the alien bar with a mysterious substance; Mon-El, who was at the bar at the time, survives because he had left moments before the attack to try to stop Cyborg. Initial tests suggest that the substance affects only the aliens, consequently Mon-El and Kara are both quarantined to protect them from further attacks. A few hours later, Mon-El begins to feel ill and Eliza, analyzing his condition, discovers that he has been infected with Medusa, a Kryptonian virus. Kara realizes that the blood that was taken from her was used by Cyborg to penetrate the Fortress of Solitude and steal the virus data and, by questioning Zor-El's artificial intelligence present in the fortress, she discovers that Medusa was created by her father to protect Krypton from invasion-Medusa, in fact, attacks everyone who is not Kryptonian. Mon-El has developed milder and later symptoms because Daxamite physiology is very similar to Kryptonian physiology, but without a cure he will die within a short time anyway; Kara, concerned, stays by his side and the two end up kissing. Alex and Eliza analyze Medusa, concluding that the virus is spread by air and Cadmus's plan is to use a particular dispersal agent kept at L-Corp; Cyborg attacks the company to steal the substance and Supergirl manages to put him on the run by taking advantage of the appearance of a second vortex, which distracts Cyborg. The DEO suspects that Lena is collaborating with Cadmus, but Supergirl is convinced of her innocence and asks for her help, revealing the truth about Lillian: Lena does not believe her, but shortly afterwards she meets Lillian and, having been confirmed by her mother herself that Cadmus' boss is indeed her, she voluntarily provides her with the dispersal agent. Medusa will be released by the explosion above National City of a missile containing the agent; Lena herself activates the missile launch and Supergirl tries to neutralize the device while J'onn deals with Cyborg. The missile explodes anyway, but Medusa has no effect; in fact, it is discovered that Lena has tampered with the dispersal agent, rendering it ineffective, and Lillian is arrested. Eliza succeeds in undoing J'onn's transformation into White Martian and finding a cure for Mon-El; much to Kara's chagrin, however, Mon-El does not remember their kiss. Maggie confesses to Alex that he only rejected her out of fear of suffering again, but after his experience with Medusa he decides not to waste any more time and admits to kissing her back; all this while, in space, a spaceship is heading toward Earth in search of Mon-El. Kara, returning home, finds Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon waiting for her: the vortexes were in fact attempts at dimensional portals to get to her. Barry and Cisco ask Kara for help in thwarting a threat in their universe; the crossover continues on The Flash.

    Special Guest Star: Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/Flash), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), Helen Slater (Eliza Danvers).
    Guest stars: Brenda Strong (Lillian Luthor), Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor), Robert Gant (Zor-El).
    Other performers: Byron Brisco (security guard), Keisha Haines (human maid), Serge Jaswal (navigator), Marisa Nielsen (alien), Kirsten Virus (Giggles), Josh Hallem (Brian), Robert Zen Humpage (fish-headed alien), Erika Walter (woman).

Deutscher TitelProjekt Medusa
StaffelStaffel 2
RegieStefan Pleszczynski
DrehbuchJessica Queller & Derek Simon
Erstaus­strahlung USA28. Nov. 2016
Deutsch­sprachige Erstaus­strahlung (D)10. Mai 2017

Supergirl ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die auf der gleichnamigen Figur von DC Comics basiert und am 26. Oktober 2015 auf CBS erstausgestrahlt wurde.
Die Serie spielt im selben Multiversum wie die beiden DC-Serien Arrow und The Flash. In der Episode Blitzbesuch (OT: Worlds Finest), durchquert Barry Allen aus der Serie The Flash ein interdimensionales Portal und besucht National City, die Heimatstadt Supergirls auf ihrer Erde 38. Nach dem Crossover Crises on Infinite Earths spielt Supergirl auf Earth Prime, derselben Erde, auf der auch die anderen Serien des Arrowverse beheimatet sind.

ProduktionslandVereinigte Staaten
Berlanti Productions,
DC Entertainment,
Warner Bros. Television
Länge42 Minuten
Episoden126 in 6 Staffeln
IdeeGreg Berlanti,
Ali Adler,
Andrew Kreisberg
MusikBlake Neely
Erstausstrahlung26. Okt. 2015 auf CBS
15. März 2016 auf ProSieben

 Sie wurde von Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler und Andrew Kreisberg entwickelt
und wurde von Warner Bros. Television sowie Berlanti Television
produziert. Für die zweite Staffel wechselte Supergirl zum
CBS-Schwestersender The CW.

Kara Zor-El / Kara Danvers / Supergirl / Overgirl (Erde-X) / Red DaughterMelissa Benoist
Alex Danvers / SentinelChyler Leigh
Hank Henshaw / J'onn J'onzz / Martian ManhunterDavid Harewood
James Olsen / GuardianMehcad Brooks
Winslow „Winn“ Schott, Jr.Jeremy Jordan
Cat Grant
Calista Flockhart
Eliza Helm
Mon-ElChris Wood
Maggie SawyerFloriana Lima
Lena Kieran LuthorKatie McGrath
Samantha Arias / ReignOdette Annable
Querl "Brainy" Dox / Brainiac 5Jesse Rath
Nia Nal / DreamerNicole Maines
Ben Lockwood / Agent LibertySam Witwer
Lauren HaleyApril Parker Jones
Eve Teschmacher / HopeAndrea Brooks
Kelly OlsenAzie Tesfai
William DeyStaz Nair
Andrea Rojas / AcrataJulie Gonzalo
Mar Novu / The Monitor (Erde 90)LaMonica Garrett
Nyxlygsptlnz "Nyxly"Peta Sergeant




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